Determining a Budget for Sustainability

As part of the Triple Aim, Shared Care is committed to supporting positive results for patient and provider experience, improved health outcomes, and costs. In the case of sustainability, cost efficiency is paramount for a health system with finite resources.

There is no specific formula but there is an expectation that any sustained outcomes will be embedded in budgets of already existing programs or new a program budget will have to be created.

Use the checklist below to help guide you to develop a plan/budget.

Total and Budget

Determine the percentage of work spent on this outcome in relation to the entire project

Determine whether the output of the original project was a program or a set of strategic outcomes

Determine whether the change has been fully accepted

Total number of hours spent during implementation

Determine number of hours (per month) to sustain outcome exactly as is integrated into an existing program

Determine number of hours (per month) to sustain a group of outcomes in a program model

Number of physicians involved. GPs/SPs

Determine number of hours (per month) to sustain objective at a lower level (modified from original form)

Determine the level of physician engagement needed to sustain the program